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Cloud Email Security Platform for Office 365 & G Suite

New Threats That Require a New Approach

Our Email Security Platform uses artificial intelligence technology to identify and analyze communication behavior and email content to stop attacks that leads to account takeover, financial damage and organizational mistrust, enabling businesses to prevent direct attacks on their confidential data. With a single integration and zero configuration, Optik Security detects, analyzes and stops targeted email attacks, such as Business Email Compromise (BEC), Email Account Compromise (EAC) and spear phishing, that evade traditional email security solutions.


Business Email Compromise

  • Executive Impersonation
  • Employee Impersonation
  • Vendor Impersonation

Vendor Account Compromise

  • Supply Chain Impersonation

Account Take Over

  • Email Account Compromise
  • Vendor Email Compromise

Internal Email Attacks

  • Internal Credential Phishing
  • Invoice Fraud Attacks

Targets Of Data Breaches

Reducing the risk of a major data breach has become a top area of concern at most companies. An overwhelming 82% of survey respondents cite it as a high or essential C-suite priority and 73% expect reducing the risk of a major breach to become a higher priority for the C-suite over the next three years. Almost all respondents (96%) say the board and C-suite strongly support efforts to control cyber-security risks and 93% say the board and C-suite are regularly updated on cyber-security risks.

Modern View of an Attack

Attackers have shifted their focus to people. 

Learn About Our Unique Approach and API Driven Architecture

Optik Security is an API-based email security platform providing protection against the entire spectrum of targeted email attacks.

Relationship Graph

  • Graph of communication patterns
  • Map of communications internally
  • Relationships to contacts at vendors/customers

Identity Model

  • Stateful Identity Model of employees and external entities
  • Email: inter- and intra-domain
  • Directory, User Contact Lists

Content Analysis

  • Analyzes the content within each message, including any attachments and links

Machine Learning Models

  • The Identity Model, Relationship Graph and Content Analysis results are fed into an ensemble of machine learning algorithms

Solutions For Any Size Organization

Email is the #1 attack vector. Protect your organization against phishing, and targeted attacks with a 100% cloud-based service.

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