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Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer

Why Work At Optik Security

Optik Security is defining the next generation of email security defense. Our platform uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to baseline communication content, user identity, and behavioral signals in real-time and at-scale in order to detect the abnormalities of email attacks.

Customers love us because we consistently detect and stop what everyone else in the market can’t — advanced attacks that have never been seen before — and we do so with beautiful user interfaces and best-in-industry customer support.

We believe strongly in autonomy for our engineering team; in collaboration with the product owners and engineering colleagues, our engineers are empowered to make decisions about every aspect of our architecture and development process. We’re GCP hosted and are working hard to automate away as much of the reactive and tedious aspects of development as possible. We have a nice Scrum approach and look to improve with each sprint.

Position Summary

We are tackling hard and unsolved cybersecurity problems, and machine learning is the only way we will succeed. As a member of the machine learning team, you will be responsible for developing and improving ML models to detect attacks, and coming up with new and clever ways to pull signals out of huge amounts of data. Your work will be open ended, but goal directed. 

Your Impact

  • Work with product stakeholders to identify new product opportunities, new features on existing products, and improve existing features in data driven product focused ways.
  • Help build, train, and maintain machine learning and statistical models and corpuses at the heart of our business.
  • Help cross functional groups access, visualize, and explain company data.
  • Work closely with Data Engineering teams to implement new ideas in performant and stable implementations.
  • Work with stakeholders to identify new product opportunities, new features on existing products, and improve existing features in data driven product focused ways.
  • Quickly assess the potential benefit of projects to help prioritize what to spend engineering energy and time on.
  • Use existing tools and packages where possible, build and invent new ones where not.
  • Help measure and summarize efficacy and product impact.

Your Keys to Success

  • Strong problem solving skills and comfort with applied math and statistics
  • Familiar with at least one programming language suited for data science – python preferred.
  • Experience with at least one ml/stats tool – R, scikit-learn, etc
  • Practical experience building and nurturing predictive/analytic products
  • Experience with several ML techniques and their real world advantages and disadvantages
  • Experience with data architectures – RDBMS, NoSQL, Streaming, etc
  • Degree in applied science with several years experience in production data science
  • Some practical experience with a distributed computing platform

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